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  • Jul
05:30 PM
Implications of the 14th Finance Commission on the social sector in Rajasthan

Accountability Initiative, Shiv Charan Mathur Social Policy Research Institute and Budget Analysis Rajasthan Center organised a workshop "Implications of 14th Finance Commission on the Social Sector in Rajasthan" on July 3, 2015 in Jaipur. This was first in a series of state level workshops to engage in a conversation about the implications of the 14th finance commission for social sector programs.Participants included government representatives as well as budget and social policy groups in Rajasthan.

The objective of this meeting was to:
  • Identify key challenges and discuss potential implications of the 14th FC recommendations on social sector policy in the state
  • Engage with policy makers to understand current how state governments are beginning to respond to the FFC and the implications of this on social sector spending
  • Understand state –specific research needs
  • To identify areas for further research and explore potential collaborations

AI prepared a summary of the changes in India's federal fiscal structure, and a discussion note presenting our opinion on what this might mean for social sector schemes in India.