• 25th
  • Aug
03:00 PM
From Outlays to Outcomes: Getting Development from Development Expenditure

Conference Room, Centre For Policy Reseach, Dharam Marg, Chanakypuri

The Accountability Initiative, Centre for Policy Research and the Centre for Development Finance, Institute for Financial Management and Research organised a conference on 25th August 2009, entitled From Outlays to Outcomes : Getting Development from Development Expenditures.

Deliberations at the conference emphasized three key issues:

  1. Getting the design right: Strengthening planning, institutional arrangements and processes for monitoring and tracking funds.
  2. Monitoring outcomes: Identifying tools and processes to ensure that outcomes are tracked regularly, and progress on outcomes is disseminated widely.
  3. Using Information Technology (IT): Harnessing the potential of IT to track fund flows, and monitor processes and program implementation.

The conference provided a forum for key stakeholders – policy-makers, practitioners, civil society and academics –to exchange ideas, draw lessons from experience, and identify solutions to what is perhaps the greatest challenge faced by the government: ensuring accountability in the money spent. The conference also brought together researchers and practitioners from around the world to share their experiences and best practice. The deliberations and recommendations drawn from this exchange are being disseminated widely to encourage a greater debate and catalyze action for change.

Please click on the attachments below to access the conference concept note and summary report of the conference proceedings.