Reform Pilots

School Management Committee (SMC) Engagement in Rajasthan

AI is committed to the idea of strengthening the triangle of empowered citizenship, responsive service providers and informed policy makers. The project with SMCs in Rajasthan addresses all three. The objective is to evolve a solution with the Government, civil society partners and through them with SMCs on how the Government can strengthen and support the capacity of SMCs to meet their fiscal responsibilities effectively.

It is based on AI’s findings on what information the SMC needs to have to participate in fiscal decision-making at the school level, and will explore the capacities that the bureaucracy and front-line management need to have to facilitate this participation.

Senior level Government officials at the State and District levels, key education NGOs based in Rajasthan with strong linkages with the community and the front-line Government implementers (Block level officers, Nodal HMs and HMs) will test, discuss and finalise plausible solutions over a 1-1.5 year period.

The desired outcome is the complete, comprehensive and sustainable inclusion of the financial literacy and participation package for SMCs into the existing mechanisms for training, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the system at the State, District, Block, Cluster, School and SMC levels.