Satark Nagrik Sangathan: MLA Report Cards
By Accountability Initiative, 04 Apr 2010

Satark Nagrik Sangathan (SNS) is a citizens’ group with a mandate to promote transparency and accountability in government functioning and to encourage active participation of citizens in governance. The group has been heavily involved in the campaign for the right to information and works with local communities to build their capacities on using the right to information as an accountability tool.

With the ongoing Assembly elections in Bihar, Satark Nagrik Sangathan has prepared report cards on the performance of the Members of the Legislative Assembly of Bihar. These have been prepared on the basis of information obtained using the Right to Information Act.

Satark Nagrik Sangathan is partnering with the media to disseminate the report cards. The report cards of MLAs focus on 3 broad parameters-

  • their performance in the Legislative Assembly;
  • how they allocated the development funds at their disposal; and
  • their membership in various Committees of the Legislative Assembly

Report cards that have appeared in the media can be downloaded below.